2013: Ready for Baltic Blues Adventures

We were always passionate about active travel and trying to spice up our tours with different kinds of adventurous, memorable experiences. Our tourists don‘t just sit in a bus and follow their guide through the major tourists site. Instead, they‘re encouraged to go off the beaten track and get a real sense of the places they‘re visiting.

Since the beginning our mission was to bring authenticity and cultural adventures to every simple trip we offer.

Therefore, 2013 was the year when we accumulated our expert knowledge of the region, passion about active and adventurous travel and started a subsidiary company—Baltic Blues Adventure.

Baltic Blues Adventure is a Destination Management Company specializing in adventure and active travel in Northern Europe and Russia. No matter where you plan your holiday—Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden or Russia—we are experienced in offering well-crafted and worry-free holidays for you.

At Baltic Blues Adventure, we understand that what we sell is about ensuring meaningful and memorable holidays, getting off the beaten track and gaining a real understanding of the wonderful Northern and Eastern European region.

All our adventure tours contain three main components:

1) A physical activity like cycling, walking, trekking, dog sledding and other types of outdoor recreation activities.

2) A connection to nature and the environment: our travelers move from one exciting place to another while still enjoying the fresh air, the smell of flowers, listening to bird song and stopping any time they wish.

3) An immersive cultural experience: all our adventure travelers have a high degree of individual freedom and flexibility to explore the destination on their own or while travelling with a small group of like-minded people and simply enjoy their holiday in the best way!

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