2017: New office in Belarus

In 2017 Baltic Blues House opened a new office in Minsk, Belarus. Our Belorussian collegues work closely with our Moscow office.

Opening of a represetation office in Minsk was a result of the fast growth of the adventure and active travel segment developed by DMC Baltic Blues Adventure. Moreover, in 2017 Belarus became a visa free country for European visitors (for visits up to 5 days) making it easier to arrange holidays there.

Belarus is a fascinating and still undiscovered and country. For many travelers it would be the last European country to explore. Belarus is a land filled with primeval woodlands and pristine lakes, rural settings, the historical heritage of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Soviet cities like the capital Minsk.

The cultural heritage and variety of exciting adventure holidays increased our company’s interest in Belarus. Agricultural, cycling, trekking and many other tours are included in visits to Belarus. Moreover, Belarus has outstanding cultural sights and an interesting history that attracts not only adventure travelers, but also typical leisure tourists. Many of our round trips combine visits to Lithuania and Poland with Belarus.

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