2007-2017: From the Baltic States to Northern and Eastern Europe

Baltic Blues Travel started as an incoming tour operator in the three Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, but soon our typical itineraries extended to neighboring countries. Why not do a day trip to Helsinki while staying in Tallinn? Or add a few days to see the wonderful Saint Petersburg?

The main drives for this expansion were product innovation and entrepreneurship.

Helsinki (Finland) and Saint Petersburg (Russia) were the first two destinations that our company added to the Baltic States, but gradually more and more knowledge was gained. Nowadays, Baltic Blues House is an international company operating in 10 destinations where tourism professionals work in 5 offices to ensure the highest level of travel services in every country.

We know the best way to show the vast region we are working in. From the Norwegian fjords and gazing the northern lights in Lapland, to the grand journey via the Tran Siberian Railway; from magnificent palaces of Saint Petersburg and treasures hidden in the Kremlin museums, to the medieval streets of Krakow—all of this and many more exciting places can be easily offered by Baltic Blues House.

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